Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Lawyer in Taunton, MA

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, if you are involved in a physical dispute with another person and intend to cause imminent harm and follow through causing physical harm, you may be charged with the crime of assault and battery. A & B falls into two categories: intentional assault and battery and reckless assault and battery. Each crime has different elements that the prosecutor needs to prove in order to convict you. And as with other crimes, you have the right to offer defenses to avoid conviction, such as self-defense, necessity, accident, and consent.

Definition of Assault and Battery and Penalties in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, the term assault refers to the threat of some form of violence to another person, not the act of physical contact. In contrast, battery consists of making actual physical contact with a person without their consent. Even if no physical harm was done, you can still be arrested and charged with assault and battery. However, not all cases that involve the threat of violence and unsolicited physical contact are unwarranted, nor do they represent the crime of assault and battery. In Massachusetts, the charge of assault or assault and battery can result in up to two years in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Hiring an Assault and Battery Lawyer is Essential to Protecting Your Rights

An individual who is accused of assault and battery may have acted in self-defense, in defense of another person, or to prevent a crime from occurring. Thus, it’s important to obtain the services of an experienced assault and battery lawyer to be on your side. The Law Office of Rachel M. Matos is recognized for its successful legal strategies in assault and battery cases, as we tailor our approach to fit each case and so assure the best possible outcome for our clients. Depending on its details, motions may be filed to suppress evidence in your case or to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. And if necessary we may be able to reach a plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office. In any event, we will supply you with a top-notch defense if your case is tried in court.

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