Motor Vehicle Offense

Motor Vehicle Offense Lawyer in Taunton, MA   

Any kind of traffic citation or violation is a serious matter, and for commercial drivers the stakes are a lot higher. In some cases, a single commercial vehicle offense or violation can end a career and result in economic hardship. As a result, anyone with a traffic violation or citation, especially those who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or are professional drivers in the trucking industry. Some people rely on their license to drive for their job such as Uber, Lyft or bus drivers. If you depend on driving for your job, then you should hire a skilled motor vehicle offense lawyer before going to court.

License Suspension Appeals

In addition to fines, moving traffic violations will usually always result in higher insurance premiums, which can be more detrimental than the actual fine itself.  If you received a civil traffic violation when driving your personal car or truck or a commercial vehicle, contact the Law Office of Rachel M. Matos to appeal the suspension or revocation of your Massachusetts Driver’s License. Let us put our skills and experience to work and resolve your case. From speeding tickets to more serious offenses such as driving a commercial vehicle with a blood or breath alcohol level over the legal limit, we can assist you. If your license was suspended or revoked for DUI, for being a repeat traffic offender, for refusing a breathalyzer test, for an out-of-state conviction, for an ignition-interlock violation, or for license fraud, you have the legal right to appeal the action and the right to be represented by an attorney in court.

The Need for Specialized Legal Knowledge

While we can’t guarantee a positive outcome in all cases, our firm has an outstanding history in resolving motor vehicle law violations and having our clients' licenses reinstated. Massachusetts Motor Vehicle and Registry Law requires a specific form of expertise that most general practitioners of the law and non-specialized criminal defense attorneys do not have. Being an experienced RMV hearings attorney, Rachel Matos has such expertise and can put it to use to get your case resolved as quickly as possible.  Her knowledge of the Massachusetts RMV and state laws can help to get your suspension lifted, and provide you with the information you need to reinstate your license.

The Law Office of Rachel M. Matos is here to assist you if you need a highly experienced motor vehicle offense lawyer or RMV hearings attorney in Taunton, MA. Call us today at 508-386-9094 to receive a free consultation.