Motor Vehicle Offenses

In Massachusetts they remind us all that driving is a privilege and not a right. The Registry of Motor Vehicles also known as the RMV carefully tracks our history as drivers and keeps that history in our driving records which it shares with other states. Massachusetts also receives driving record and criminal violation information shared from other states. Traffic offenses from other states may appear on your driving record and will be treated by the RMV as if they happened in Massachusetts. If your license is suspended or revoked in another state your Massachusetts license will be suspended automatically.

There are three kinds of events that can cause a person to lose their driving privileges. Although civil motor vehicle infractions and automobile accidents where you are found to be more than 50 percent at fault will impact you financially and affect your right to drive, criminal motor vehicle violations are far more serious offenses. If you are stopped for a criminal motor vehicle violation, the police may arrest you immediately, cause your vehicle to be towed away, you may lose your license , and you may be sent to jail until you go to court.

If you are convicted of a criminal motor vehicle offense, the court may set a fine and/or lengthy prison term. The court may also order you to perform community service and probation with mandatory reporting to court. Upon conviction of a motor vehicle offense the court automatically notifies the RMV of the conviction so that it will take immediate additional action to suspend or revoke your license to drive. Depending on the severity of the conviction, an RMV license suspension can range anywhere from 30 days to a lifetime suspension of your driving privileges limiting your ability to work or travel.

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